Types of logo you can use in creating your brand

The first impression you make is very important, and your logo is the first think your clients and business partners see, and it has to be remarkable. This is a design that will act as the cornerstone of your brand, and all other designs you create, so getting it right is a great investment.

We can classify logos in 6 main categories.

The Wordmark – a very simple logo like Google or Coca Cola. ┬áThis text-only type of logo, uses individualised fonts to showcase a company, institution or product. The design of this logo comes down to the style of the typography, which can be simple and clean or stylised.

The Lettermark – logos that are based on initials. The most iconic example is IBM. Rather than including the whole brand or company name, the logo illustrates a shortened visual monogram or anagram.

The Submark – is an element from the original logo like a favicon or profile picture. This logo type also serves as a great watermark as it is typically displayed in a circular icon shape.

The Brand Mark or Pictorial Mark – a very simple icon that becomes the face of a brand. They are very simple to recognise and remember. The most iconic is Apple.

Abstract Iconography – simple geometrical shapes that creates an abstract image. Think of Pepsi, Adidas, and Chanel as one of the most recognised abstracts icons.

Logo System – a mixture of all of the above. All these logos combine words with symbols and shapes to produce a representation of who they are.


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